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  • Lighthouse Lovers - At least nine lighthouses exist on the Island. All have spectacular views, including whales and seals if you are lucky. You can find more information on the Grand Manan Tourism web site.
  • Photography - picturesque vistas of seacliffs and quiet coves, quaint fishing villages huddling in the lee of protective coves, Victorian architecture, wildflowers, sunsets and sunrises over the sea, seabirds and whales.
  • Wildflowers - Wild lupins, devils paintbrush and wild roses, delicate woodland species and rare seaside species.
  • Rockhounding- Amethyst, agate, zeolites and copper are possible finds. Areas of particular interest are at Whale Cove (the Seven Days Work formation), Red Point Beach at low tide (point of geological contact and magnetic sand) and White Head Island (with its white quartzite headland).
  • White Head Island - The only other inhabited island in the Grand Manan Archipelago, White Head Island is a satellite of our island society. This island is unique in many ways, with quiet coves, ideal overviews of weir fishing operations, plus flora and fauna not seen on the main island. A small car ferry from Ingalls Head provides six round trips daily. There is also a store and a takeout.
  • Golfing - A challenging par 9-hole golf course awaits. Situated in Seal Cove - daily and seasonal rates available and equipment rental is on site.
  • Birdwatching - Grand Manan is situated on a major eastern flyway, the Grand Manan Archipelago is renowned as a bird watcher's paradise. Over 360 species have been reliably identified, 131 of which have been found breeding here since 1900. A comprehensive listing of Grand Manan Birds can be found on the Tourism web site.
  • Machias Seal Island - Puffins, Razorbills & more. Tours are available through Sea Watch Tours.
  • Hiking & Cycling - There are more than 18 interesting and well marked trails on Grand Manan covering approximately 70 kilometers of shoreline, cliffside and beaches, that can be hiked or cycled.
  • Kayaking & Canoeing - paddle the rich waters of the Bay of Fundy and see exciting marine life, weir fishing and even whales, seals and seabirds at close quarters. Kayak rental and guided trips, from half day to multi-day, can be arranged through Adventure High.
  • Whale Watching & Seals - Grand Manan Island is a whale watcher's paradise. Finback, humpback, minke, and the rare North Atlantic Right Whales, abound around Grand Manan and can sometimes be seen from shore. Harbour porpoises and occasionally Atlantic white-sided dolphins can be seen from the ferry and from lookouts on shore. There are a number of whale watching tours available.
  • Grand Manan Whale & Seabird Research Station - (GMWSRS) is a non-profit research facility located on the east coast of Canada on Grand Manan Island in the Bay of Fundy. The GMWSRS offers interpretative displays, scientific and popular reports, lectures, slide presentations on harbour porpoises, right whales, seals and seabirds in the Grand Manan Archipelago. The Station is dedicated to scientific investigation of marine life in the Bay of Fundy with emphasis on threatened and endangered marine mammals such as the Harbour Porpoise and Right Whale.
  • Beachcombing- The large tides of the Bay of Fundy afford many opportunities to explore tide pools, mudflats, rocky shores and sand beaches.
  • The Fisheries of Grand Manan - the fisheries of Grand Manan are and have always been the mainstay of our island economy. The tidal lobster pounds at Woodwards Cove and between Ross Island and the main island are a 'must see' and a stroll along one of the many wharves is an experience to remember.
  • Dulse - Grand Manan is known as "the Dulse capital of the world". This edible 'iodine tasting' seaweed is hand picked at low tide, sun died and packaged for export as a condiment and seasoning. Visitors can see the drying operations at various locations around the island. Try it the way most islanders prefer it, as a snack food, fresh dried and eaten with the fingers. For more information on dulse, contact Jerry & Leroy Flagg Dulse or Roland Sea Vegetables or Atlantic Mariculture.
  • Grand Manan Museum - Centrally located in Grand Harbour and recently enlarged and renovated, our museum offers the Allen L. Moss Memorial Bird Collection, the McLaughlin Marine Gallery, a display of Island Geology, plus historical artifacts, archives and genealogical records. Truly a 'Living Reflection of Island History'. The present museum was a Canada Bicentennial Project in 1967.
  • The Moses Memorial Bird Collection - This collection at the Grand Manan Museum in Grand Harbour is an excellent resource for serious birders. It was donated to the people of Grand Manan by the late Allen L. Moses (1881-1953) famed 'Island Bird man' who spent a lifetime observing and collection valuable specimens for both Canadian and U.S. museums.
  • Grand Manan Farmers Market - Locally grown, freshly harvested produce plus fresh and smoked fish, home baking and preserves, and local crafts are available every Saturday morning at our Farmers Market in North Head, from mid-June until late-Sept. Get there early for the best choices!
  • Grand Manan Rotary Festival - sponsored by the Rotary Club of Grand Manan Island during the first week of August, our Rotary Festival is an annual community celebration and a highlight of the summer season. This five day event features sports events, golf tournament, entertainment, games, exhibits and crafts display, children events, etc. plus a street parade, lobster roll supper, fireworks on Saturday, one of our special Rotary Barbecues and a Gospel 'Singspiration' on Sunday. Great Family Fun for Everyone.
  • Camping and Picnics - the Anchorage Provincial Park, located between Grand Harbour and Seal Cove, contains a large seaside picnic area, as well as the Anchorage or Long Beach and the Long Pond migratory Bird Sanctuary. There are also self-guided hiking and birdwatching tours available.
  • Coves - there are also many secluded coves and glades around the island, plus a government picnic park at Castalia Marsh, suitable for family picnics and outing.
  • Geocaching - Grand Manan boasts over 100 geocaches. Combining the fantastic scenery and challenge of these "adult treasure hunts" using a Smart phone or GPS unit makes for a great adventure.

    (some of above information obtained from Grand Manan Tourism)

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